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Outsourced Pharma San Diego: Information and Invitation



Our 2017 event in San Diego was our most successful event yet! We had record-breaking attendance along with dynamic panel and attendee conversations and interactions. In addition to looking forward to next year's show, attendees were interested in sourcing projects and meeting exhibitors. Click here to view the exhibition.

Save The Date: Outsourced Pharma San Diego will be held August 21 - 22, 2018 at the Hyatt Regency La Jolla.

Outsourced Pharma San Francisco 2017 Agenda Update



Achaogen named Spotlight Leadership Company

Outsourced Pharma San Francisco will feature Achaogen as its Spotlight Leadership Company at its conference for professionals of biotech, pharma, and contract development and manufacturing organizations (October 17 - 18 at the Hyatt Regency San Francisco Airport). The session is titled: Spotlight Leadership Company: Achaogen.

Panelists for this session include the following members of Achaogen’s technical operations organization: Kirin Jamison, Director, Antibody Process Development; Jim Kirchner, Senior Director, CMC; Tina Larson, VP, Technical Operations; Amelia Milani, Senior Director, Supply Chain. The panel will be moderated by Louis Garguilo, Chief Editor & Conference Chair, Outsourced Pharma.

Members of Achaogen will provide insight and advice on the successful outsourcing of various activities and functions. And they’ll take your questions on how they’ve achieved such success to date.

Click here for the full San Francisco agenda and speaker biographies.

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Outsourced Pharma Announces San Diego Conference Session Update



Pfizer Global Supply VP, Thomas P. Wilson, to Lead Interactive Discussion

Outsourced Pharma announces an agenda and panelist update for its Outsourced Pharma San Diego conference to be held in La Jolla on August 22 – 23 2017, at the Hyatt Regency La Jolla. Outsourced Pharmais a conference designed for executives at pharma and biotech sponsor companies who rely on contract development and manufacturing organizations to bring their products to market.

The conference's most recent update regards the session Spotlight Leadership Company: Pfizer Global Supply. Today, Outsourced Pharma is announcing that Thomas P. Wilson, Vice President, Contract Manufacturing Operations, Pfizer Global Supply, a 25-year veteran of Pfizer, and former US Air Force captain, will sit down with conference chair and chief editor Louis Garguilo. The pair will talk about Wilson's experiences in drug development and manufacturing outsourcing, and offer some best practices, advice, and actionable information for drug owners and service providers alike.

Louis Garguilo, Outsourced Pharma Event Chair and Chief Editor of, said, "Tom is a much respected industry veteran who has vast expertise on such challenges as the vetting process for onboarding CMOs into the Pfizer supply chain network and the strenuous process to attain new vendor relationships. We are honored to have him at Outsourced Pharma San Diego."

Outsourced Pharma enters its fourth year hosting thought-leadership conferences and exhibitions that provide discussions of best practices and practical applications of outsourcing skills, with an open format for panel and audience interaction. This San Diego event will focus on emerging pharmaceutical and biotech companies with their counterparts from contract development and manufacturing organizations (CDMs/CMOs).

Click here for the full San Diego agenda and speaker biographies.

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Instant Innovation In The Supply Chain



At the most recent Outsourced Pharma Boston conference, Anand Ekambaram, Executive Director, Global Technical Operations, Merck, posed this question to a panel of pharma and biotech executives:

“Is there a larger strategy directed at this kind of small “i” innovation? Because these innovations also bring risk with them. For example, the clinical developers are of the mindset, ‘Give me something that’ll work, that’s proven. Let’s get this product launched on time and reduce the risk as much as possible. We can save the improvements for the second generation.’”

This is the second of two articles based on the Outsourced Pharma Boston (April 26-27) conference session, Learning to Fly: How to Support Incremental Innovative Solutions.

Louis Garguillo, chief editor of and Conference Chair highlighted the exchange from executives from Biogen, Merck and others in this recent editorial, Instant Innovation In The Supply Chain. Read more for further insight into the discussion from the event.

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Risk And Small "i" Innovation In Pharma Outsourcing



The Summit on Modern Day Drug Development and Manufacturing Outsourcing (Outsourced Pharma Boston, April 26-27 ) purposely lead off with a session on incremental – or small “i” – innovation. That’s not because we were looking for “baby steps” to ease into tougher discussions. In fact, the mission was to kick-start us into advanced contemplations between drug sponsors and service providers. Mission accomplished. Here’s the first of two articles on what transpired. By Louis Garguilo, Chief Editor of


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Outsourced Pharma Boston 2017 Poll Questions & Results

There was a lot of excitement around the Outsourced Pharma Boston interactive poll questions. Attendees engaged with the app to answer poll questions during the panel discussions with requests to share the questions and results.

Click here for the Outsourced Pharma Boston 2017 agenda.



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The Three Pillars Of Industry Conferences

“Working at a contract drug development and manufacturing organization years ago, I had direct reports stationed around the globe. Among the lessons learned: There’s an industry-related conference somewhere on practically every day of the year.

Subsequent to that role, and while discussing my joining Outsourced Pharma as editor, the idea of starting up a new conference was mentioned. My carefully nuanced reply was: “A conference? The last thing this industry needs is another conference!”

Somehow, I still got the job. And over the past four years I’ve been proven woefully wrong. Here’s why.”

Louis Garguilo, Chief Editor and Conference Chair | Outsourced Pharma

Three Pillars of Conferences

Every organization – and each individual within – has specific needs and objectives. Yet, we can identify three overarching criteria for attending most conferences.

What do you think? Drop Louis a note if you have thoughts - we'd love to hear from you.

“A summit on modern-day drug development and manufacturing outsourcing” is the title of the next Outsourced Pharma conference and exhibition in Boston, April 26-27. Register if you'd like to attend.

Pressure and Molten Magma

Costs and Pressure Rise... best efforts not withstanding

“Instead of focusing on money, you talk openly about ‘value,’ Well, what is that? Or it’s all about ‘relationships.’ The industry talks partnership in public, but behind closed doors, aren’t prices and costs closing or breaking outsourcing business deals?”
Moderator, Outsourced Pharma San Diego, 2016.

Louis Garguilo, OutsourcedPharma chief editor focused his attention on discussion from the 2016 San Diego Outsourced Pharma event in his recent editorial, The Price At My CMO Isn’t Right … But How Do I Know? and panel guests left no molten rock uncovered.

Improving partnerships, smarter procurement procedures, streamlined supply chains, improved partnerships … despite these efforts and some good results, our costs to develop and manufacture drugs still seems to go up, while the pressure to reduce drug prices bubbles up to the surface. Your CEO – and society – is looking for maximum efficiency from all parts of your business.

Join us for further discussion at the panel, Costs and price pressures rise…. best efforts notwithstanding and take a hard look at the structural, systemic and other financial inputs into your outsourcing. Join the following panelists to discuss this topic in more detail:

  • George Avgerinos, Sr. VP Operations | Fortress Biotechnology
  • Susan Dexter, Managing Director | Latham Biopharm
  • Anand Ekambaram, Executive Director, Global Technical Operations | Merck
  • BJ Hull, VP/GM | Emergent BioSolutions
  • Brian James, SVP Operations | Rondaxe Pharma(Moderator)



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Reflecting on 2016 and looking forward to 2017

“Over the past three years, we’ve continued to improve upon our model of open discussion and debate to uncover challenges facing – and between – the drug sponsors and owners and the contract development and manufacturing organizations. We look forward to building on this platform in 2017, and invite any professional in the industry involved with outsourcing or an external supply chain to join us.”
Louis Garguilo, Outsourced Pharma Event Chair and Chief Editor of

We wrapped up our final event of 2016 in San Francisco this last October. For the first time, technology companies, venture capital firms and others from Silicon Valley and elsewhere were invited to join the Outsourced Pharma community to focus on the topic of “Drug Development and Manufacturing Outsourcing in an Era of Technology.”

Check out this press release with details on the event and what to look forward to in 2017.

The IT titans of Silicon Valley should get together with the biopharma industry and its CMOs

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Silicon Valley, meet biopharma (and its CMOs)

“We could all utilize better workflow tools for project management in our dev. and mfg. operations. Everything from data integrity and storage, project management and logistics. But right now, we’re not sure Silicon Valley recognizes what we do. We aren’t aware of specific solutions they might offer. We should engage to find advanced solutions.”
Joe Guiles, Head of Development at Agilent Technologies

What do you think? Read more about why we're offering up a valley-twist on Outsourced Pharma this November in San Francisco. Drop Louis a note if you have thoughts - we'd love to hear from you as the agenda takes shape.

More on SV + CMOs

The IT titans of Silicon Valley should get together with the biopharma industry and its CMOs

Outsourced Pharma San Francisco, Nov 1-2, will bring together Silicon Valley, biopharma, and CMOs. Register if you'd like to attend.

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