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We can hardly wait to bring "the next 5 years in outsourcing" panel to San Diego this August! And neither can Sesha Neervannan, the latest addition to the panelists who will lead the discussion. Sesha is SVP Pharmaceutical Development at Allergan where he leads teams to develop small molecule and biologics drug products. To celebrate, we visited the Life Science Leader magazine archives and dug out Sesha's forward-looking commentary on biologics and biosimilars. Enjoy!

Everything you need to know about the next five years in outsourcing.
  • How is the shift toward biologics and biosimilars changing the life sciences landscape? What should executives be doing to capitalize?

    "More companies are adopting the “modality-independent” approach (i.e., agnostic to whether the drug is a chemical or a biologic) to finding a therapeutic, which is a shift from the previous pharma versus biotech dichotomy. This is enabling technologies to cross over, and organizations are able to think broadly with more innovations. For example, a drug delivery technology typically applied only to a small molecule drug now can be married with a biologic or biosimilar, thus creating a new therapeutic that has a different profile and may have broader benefits. Biosimilars could be made into biobetters. As biologics mature, product differentiation will be the anchor for any new development program. Success now depends on how well these approaches are proactively strategized and executed so that both therapeutic and economic benefits can be achieved."

    Sesha Neervannan is SVP Pharmaceutical Development at Allergan and oversees a variety of CMC drug development activities from early discovery to commercialization. He will be speaking at Outsourced Pharma in San Diego on "Everything you need to know about the next five years in outsourcing."