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There was a lot of excitement around our Shire-focused session in Boston … and the panel did not disappoint. Highlights from the conversation are condensed in these two new articles on our parent publication,


Creating Shire’s Outsourcing Model

$7 billion in annual sales and fully reliant on outsourcing … How does it all fit together? How is it managed?

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Mani Sundararajan, VP & Head Global Pharmaceutical Technology at Shire, discusses the Shire approach to outsourcing.
Charlene Banard, SVP Quality at Shire, discusses M&A strategy at the outsourcing giant.

Shire's Approach to CMOs & M&As

On being the quintessential “acquisitive company” … how a 3-pronged strategy for CMO integration makes it all work.

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Many thanks to our friends at Shire for putting together this top-notch session:
Mani Sundararajan (VP & Head Global Pharma Technology), Srini Tenjarla (Head Global Pharma Sciences), Charlene Banard (SVP Quality)